Our Story

  • What we do

    We make custom handmade leather yardage book covers for everyone, from weekend warriors to Major Champions. Our personalized covers are the perfect spot to keep your yardage book, notes, or scorecard.

  • Who we are

    TIN Box Partners has been crafting hand-made custom yardage book covers in the USA since 2012. Our team obsesses over the details and is dedicated to crafting our best product every single time.

  • Why we do it

    We are driven by the passion of giving golfers a personal connection to the game! Bringing your ideas to life on your cover is a form of expression that can build confidence, connect a team, or showcase your brand.

Our customers speak for themselves – Men's and Women’s NCAA national champions, PGA/LPGA winners, Major champions (at least one every year since 2018), numerous Tour corporate sponsors, high-profile tournaments, and some of the most prestigious country clubs.